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Little Love Notes!

Dear sun,

Thank you for reappearing and being so bright. I definitely feel happier when you are around. I hope the feeling is mutual!

Dear peanut butter,

You are so freaking tasty on my gluten free toast. You are so good, sometimes I just want to rub you all over myself. Then I remember that that would be really weird and probably very hard to clean. But I still love eating you anyway.

Dear soy latte,

How I love my first sip of you in the morning! Thank you for being better to my belly and my skin than your dairy counterpart.

Dear Aztec-print dress,

You are new to my life and my wardrobe, and already I can tell that we are going to get along great. You are happy and cheery and really make me believe that I could drop everything and run away to Mexico at a moment’s notice. I like that feeling. Thank you!


Dear chia seeds,
Thanks for being the perfect easy breakfast when I forget my green smoothie.

Dear brain,

You’re doing a great job, but try not to forget the green smoothie tomorrow, kay?!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Lexi from Glitter and Pearls for the inspiration!

Images from: Pinterest + Fashion and Style + Kenny-Kenny

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